Product Goals (value proposition)

  1. User trades benefit from the depth of aggregators (such as 0x).

  2. Liquidity providers earn interest (margin loans) instead of counterpartying user trades.

  3. Attractive and predictable interest rates (through interest-utilization curve, and focus on loyal liquidity providers).

  4. High utilisation of liquidity provider funds through re-lending, leading to multiplied interest yields.

  5. Real assets instead of virtual pricing (allowing traders to keep positions even if they are up 100x)

  6. Liquidity provision is low risk enough that BitDAO can be a provider.

Other Philosophies

  1. Simple (at start no DAO, no token, simple interface lets users long short ETH/wBTC)

  2. Concentrated markets (instead of many pairs with terrible liquidity)

  3. Loyal liquidity

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